DHIVE has morphed into an entire ecosystem, supporting people from disadvantaged and disconnected communities at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Access to a carefully designed shared workspace, digital literacy programs and events, targeted business support including accelerators & masterminds, curated connections to a global community & access to high class mentors & experts are just a sampling of what DHIVE has to offer. DHIVE is a space, a community & support system for aspiring & established entreprene‍‍‍urs. Inclusion.‍‍‍

Run by people from the grass-roots for then people from the grass-roots. We just get it fr‍‍‍om the start and hope that you can join us in our journey to ‘Reshape the Thinking around Startup, digital innovation and Tech Inclusion and diversity in startup.


Buzzhub is a unique program of activities which brings together young people from digitally disadvantaged and disconnected groups (12-18) to actively participate in digital literacy and entrepreneurial programs. Initial pilot phase of BuzzHub will work in partnership with Youth Empowered Towards Independence (YETI), schools and other youth referral agencies including integrating with the Queensland Education for participants of Buzzhub initial program phase.

The Buzzhub program will run initial programs to engage young people through the following activities:

  • digital literacy and inclusion programs  (educate)
  • visiting technologist and startup program visits (inspire)
  • coding and robots (educate, create) The aims to increase the awareness of participants of the digital startup eco-system and of the possibilities it can bring.

Outcomes include increased digital literacy, development / practice in coding and basic robotics, start-up concept development as well as opportunities for participants to engage with digital entrepreneurs and start-up facilities.