DHIVE will build the next pipeline of employable ITC professionals, interactive designers and digital innovators providing them with professional experience and real-world opportunities and education in STEM or as we prefer to say STEAM. In collaboration with our partners, we train and mentor students and entrepreneurs to co-create exciting new opportunities for regional and remote Australians.

Established as a Digital Social Impact Venture we bring together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, refugees, new immigrants and people living with a disability to provide opportunities to actively participate in the growing digital and innovation economies. Today digital innovation and tech startup provides a unique opportunity to develop local opportunities while connecting and impacting with a global marketplace for global good.

We have a commitment to invest into our future by activating opportunities through digital innovation and startup, DHIVE is the shining light of our future. As Australia’s first Indigenous led digital social impact venture DHIVE will provide a unique collaboration space for innovative startups while providing sustainable ITC services, digital innovation and creative services to small and large businesses, nonprofits, and local government.