Everyone is trying to make a few more dollars from what ever they do and some people don’t mind going the extra mile to do that. The locksmith business has been infiltrated and one has to be careful about who they are hiring to do their lockSmith job. Locking yourself out of your own house of losing your keys can be very embarrassing and it can take a while before u even come out of the whole thing inky to find out the keys have been lost and you would be needing a locksmith.


The best locksmiths are usually people that works on door locks and helps people who lose their keys or lock themselves out of the house. Calling a blacksmith can be a bit risky because except they are the blacksmith you have been working with for a while, it is more like inviting a total Stranger to your home. Most times it is better to hire a service or company than to hire just one locksmith. There are locksmith scams going on right now and they used these schemes and formats to rid people off good sum of money. One needs to be vigilant but the most important thing is do you really have to be a victim before u learn. Of course not. In this article we are going to be showing you how to identify a locksmith scam before they even know you already know.


Before we go into the identification we need to go into the format. You need to know how the locksmith scam actually works so when you finally meet one, and they start going down this lane, you know this is one of them.


They can go as far as putting the fake company on Google so it can add some more truth to the fact that they are legit. This should not change a thing to you. They could even own a website and use social media marketing strategies to find customers like you. It could not even be a Company but one random guy operating his laptop from his room. They could even have reviews and testimonial, all these can be imputed by any individual. Do not be moved by this. Until the job is finished and done, do not trust anything you see.


Once you make contact, they would do everything to Make you believe they are real, so as you read you need to understand that you need to be very vigilant as you intend making any call to any blacksmith, whether it is existing or an old one. Most times, the number you call might not be in the United States and they possible be in a country based outside of the United States. The locksmith however is in the United States and they say they are going to be sending you one to your location.


This is the hook. It’s usually a price that no locksmith will work for. It is almost totally unbelievable and if you don’t know anything about this you probably would be thinking you are just about to have a great day. You both agree and they come over to get the job done. When they the locksmith or rather, fake locksmith arrive, they begin work and after a few minutes that act like they have found something terribly wrong and they wouldn’t have a choice than to drill the lock, and after drilling you would just have to by a new one. Now you need a new lock and you need to pay the locksmith. The bill just went higher and not by a little ratio but substantially. After you had to get a new lock he does the job and says he can’t take the same price that was bargained on the phone, they will talk about how tedious the job was and how you saw everything and they would end up charging up to 5 times or even 10times the bargained amount. It works for them most times.

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