Abboriginal Tech

Stripping Away Immigration Issues in IT

At D-Hive we are on a mission to bring together digital innovation in the IT sector and social innovation in the communities of aboriginal peoples in Australia.

This year we have placed nearly 500 ex tribesmen and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with jobs in the IT companies and digital tech startups in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. About 45% of the placements were unemployed and had been in various states of job searching for anywhere between 1-4 years. 25-30% of the placements came from university dropout status or school leavers who had not graduated with enough points in their grade system to qualify for jobs before they took the necessary tests that were provided by D-Hive sponsors. One of the sponsors is who not only help support the D-Hive foundation financially but actually also decided to employ two of the placements into their entertainment group who tour around Brisbane and North Sydney throughout the Summer and into the Autumn.

The placements have all managed to pass their probation periods in the jobs. They are all continuing to study a range of different tech related topics from php coding, java script, c++ and magneto. We have web developers and server side assistants who are all working hard at understanding what is essentially a new language to anyone who hasn’t been studying it for long time.

We are now entering the next round of searches for new participants in the program and are specifically looking for anyone from a middle east background who may have fled the challenges in the war torn regions of Libya and Somalia in Africa over the last 5 years and arrives in Australia as a refugee. If you know of anyone that would appreciate a shot at working in the IT industry then please reach out to us.…

social media for the elderly

Social Media Marketing the Next Social Venture for the Elderly

If you walk around any aged care home around the globe you will find a common theme; regret. People with little time left in the world and few opportunities to “get it right next time”. It is a very humbling experience to be around people who have so much to offer yet so few people to hear their advice. Even if they wanted to get out and meet those who were willing to listen but knew not of the channel to hear it from, they couldn’t mobility issues means these pearls of wisdom sit in the dusty armchairs of aged care all over the world.

Enter social media! They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you’d be amazed how much desire there is to speak and how easy social media is to set up for people with a willingness to learn. It takes 5 minutes to set up an account, it requires no great resource access and certainly no mobility. The Social Media team at SearchButlers who run operations from London, Melbourne and New York have taken it upon themselves to be an advocate of the elderly and operate a social venture where every Friday they attend a local aged care facility to get the thoughts and advice of the socially willing elderly on tape, and camera and post there content of the teams social channels. They also set up social channels for the participants and educate them on how to continue to record, document and publish their own efforts on an ongoing basis.

“Everyone gets so much from this venture, it really is a joy to do something for them and they find it super fun to be a part of – we came here thinking we’d be teaching them a new hobby but I learn something new every-time I come here” said Sean Butler – CEO of SearchButlers.

If you’d like to participate in a local social venture that brings the advice of the knowledgable into the minds of the youth then get in touch with d-hive today and we will show you your nearest participant social team in Melbourne or London. New York will be looking to join the venture in 2020 when the process is fully rolled out with compliance. …