When you enter an online casino you will notice that there are around 400 games, the classics with an endless number of versions and ways to bet, with bonuses and promotions that make them much more attractive.

The advent of online casinos has also allowed games that were less famous or that were lagging behind over time to take a second wind to stay relevant and, in some cases, become better known than before.

This is what happened to Bingo, which now with online gambling has become one of the main offerings of gambling sites. It is worth noting that this classic game has come out in several versions that you can find in online casinos.

One of these versions is Video Bingo, and it is precisely this variation that we will talk about this time, but we will focus on the types of Video Bingo.

Video Bingo is a version of the classic game brought to digital screens, where it doesn’t lose its nature, but only nuances: new rules, new ways of playing, special effects and music.

Unlike games like Video Poker, which practically change everything to become a slot machine, what is striking about Video Bingo is that it avoids that and only seeks to offer its fans the opportunity to play the game from anywhere in the world.

Video Bingo is here to stay, some casinos offer bonuses and promotions especially for it, and in this article we will talk about each of its types, so that the player can differentiate them when playing.

90-Ball Video Bingo

We start by talking about 90-ball Video Bingo, one of the most popular versions around the world. As its name suggests, this variation has 90 balls.

Each of the cards or boards of this Video Bingo contains 15 numbers which you will try to get in order to win the jackpot. The numbers will be distributed in nine columns and three rows.

In the first column the player will find the numbers from 1 to 9, in the second column from 11 to 20, and so on up to the number 90.

In Video Bingo there are two ways to win: the first, the jackpot, consists of filling the entire card, which is the most difficult way to win; and the second, is to win a line, which means that the player must fill a line, in this case the prize is smaller.

80-Ball Video Bingo

The 80-ball version of Video Bingo originated in Europe, specifically in England, and from there it has spread to the whole world thanks to online casinos.

Unlike the previous one, this variation contains 10 fewer balls, i.e. 80 balls. There are also differences in the cards or tables, as the 80-ball Video Bingo has four columns and four rows.

In the first column you will find the numbers 1 to 20 and so on until you reach the number 80.

This version has more chances to win or more ways to win prizes. There is the jackpot which you can win by filling the entire card, but you can also win one line, one column, one diagonal and two vertical lines.

75-Ball Video Bingo

The 75-ball Video Bingo was born in the United States and is the one normally played in Latin America.

In this version the cards have five lines and five columns. The 75-ball Video Bingo can be won in two ways: a jackpot by completing the entire card or a smaller prize by matching the numbers in each corner.

30-Ball Video Bingo

Video Bingo

We finish the list of Video Bingo types with 30-ball Video Bingo, also known in online casinos as “Quick Bingo”, referring to the small number of balls it has.

In this version the card has only 9 numbers, which are divided into three columns and three rows. This game has only one way to win and that is to fill the entire card, otherwise you will not win.


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