You will win very, very often in Joker Poker, because in this game variant there is a joker in the card deck that can replace any other card and complete your winning combinations. There are also some really juicy payout odds waiting for you here, for example if you catch a royal flush and play with the highest bet.

High quality casino poker software

Joker Poker is a very popular poker game variant provided by many top software providers (as well as Microgaming, Playtech and Rival Gaming). And most providers have optimised it for smartphones and tablets at the same time, so you can play it on the go if you want.

Because you play this casino poker version with a Joker, it not only results in a slightly lower house edge – compared to the ever-popular Jacks or Better – but also a sensational payout rate of 98.60%!

Joker Poker is played in all software versions on a single screen, with the paytable at the top, the cards in the middle and the control buttons at the bottom. In each round, you can set both the coin value and the number of coins per hand to a value of 1-5. The more coins you risk, the higher the payout for the respective winning combination, of course. In some versions (including Microgaming) there is even a risk button, where it is a case of double or nothing, so to speak, and which always appears when you have won a round. If you click on this button, you have the chance to double your winnings on an extra screen by correctly predicting the colour of a card face down in the deck. So take a chance and win!

The advantages and disadvantages

In traditional online casino poker, of course, the Joker is not used. But because it can be used in Joker Poker, it is much easier to form a winning combination. To compensate for this advantage, in Joker Poker you need at least 1 pair of Kings to win, because with 1 pair of Jacks it is unfortunately no longer possible. With the lower hand values, you are also paid out considerably less in this game variant than in classic online poker, and only at the full house and above do the really tasty payouts come along. For example, if you have a flush, you will receive a payout of 25 coins, but if you have a straight flush, you will receive 250 coins. There is also a cool special combination here, the “Joker Royal Flush”, which will pay you an incredible 500 coins.

By the way, the highest payout comes with the so-called natural royal flush, where you can win an incredible 5,000 coins!

Use the right strategy

In Joker Poker, the strategies are basically the same as in standard online poker. The goal is simply to make a hand that has the highest value for that round, in some variants by picking up new cards and discarding old ones. The only difference is that the payout table in Joker Poker only really improves with the higher hand values. That’s why it’s definitely better here to try to get a flush or a four of a kind together rather than a full house, 2 pair or a straight. Because this game variant gets by with a single deck of cards, you will also get the joker in your hand very often in order to improve your combinations with it. In addition, it makes sense here to always carefully weigh the potential payouts with the chances of winning. The potential profit should really be worth the risk – just like in Black Jack.

The Top Online Poker Casinos

At Joker Poker you will definitely be entertained, because it is relatively easy here to get or form good combinations again and again. For beginners it is an almost optimal variant, but also the more experienced players will appreciate it because of its lucrative payout odds.

And because this game is offered by many top casino poker software developers, you will easily find it in many online casinos for Austrian players. But if you’re not registered anywhere right now and you’re eager to try out Joker Poker, then just take a look at one of our top 5 rated online casinos.


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